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Our teams consist of experienced managers, business school, engineering, or university graduates, as well as MBAs. Their qualifications are complemented by language certification (TOEFL, BULATS), which guarantees that they have perfect knowledge of the language in the country where they are active.

Finally, their specialisation is confirmed by international qualifications or certifications, as well as by membership of national organisations (OTAN, Association of Fraud Certified Examiners, Association Française de Criminologie, Kriminologische Gesellschaft KrimG). We also work in collaboration with more than 300 freelancers from all professions, specialists in Franco-German affairs, and with chambers of lawyers and auditors throughout Europe.

For more than ten years, we have been involved:
• In industry, business, and the service industries,
• With listed companies or SMEs
• In Europe and Asia
• In project management and subcontracting
• With or without corporate powers.
We will be happy to supply you with references which we cannot make public for reasons of confidentiality.

Administration Council

Jean-Pierre Michot Has undertaken transition management for more than 10 years in Europe and Asia, to the benefit of large listed groups, but also of smaller organisations in all sectors, from 50 to 2000 people, from 15 to 500 million euro, as CEO or CFO.

He also intervenes in cases of embezzlement, alleged or confirmed, from the specialist investigation to the coordination of legal proceedings.

Holder of the executive MBA from ESCP Europe, he has taken courses from EIREL, SNBW (Germany) and from Camberley Command and Staff College (UK). He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, of KrimGe and of the Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprise (French Association of Company Lawyers)
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Kai Otte has been a business developer and transition manager for more than 20 years; his emphasis is on the banking and IT sectors, for which he also develops compliance management activities; he is completely trilingual, and is involved all over Europe in the conception and deployment of strategies decided by the parent companies. He studied at the Helmut Schmidt University (Hamburg) and at the FU Hagen, and he has an MBA from the OU Business School Milton Keynes (UK).

Daniel Deistler has been managing partner of CK Corporate Finance GmbH in Frankfurt since 2004; he has supported numerous companies, from their stock market flotation to raising start-up funds for SMEs, and in acquisitions & mergers in various industrial sectors.

He spent the first part of his career in large organisations (Commerzbank, Reuschel & Co, Dresdner Bank and Dresdner Kleinwort & Benson, in London and Frankfurt, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young).
He holds a diploma from the Frankfurt School of Banking and Finance with further courses at Harvard University (HBS and GSAS), Cambridge, MA, USA. He specialises in transactions up to 500 million euro, to the benefit of SMEs. Email | Website

Christophe Grevent has worked as a management consultant supporting IT organisations for more than 10 years of assignments, where his technical expertise combined with his understanding of customer processes enables him to enhance the efficiency of their structures. With a Franco-German background, Christophe is used to working in complex human environments.

Christophe holds engineering degrees from the Ecole Polytechnique, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Télécom ParisTech) and the University of Stuttgart.
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After 15 years of international management experience, Olivier Bousquet has gained a thorough knowledge of risk dynamics in the Middle East and Africa.
Result-driven, he has managed multi-million dollar projects for various organisations in developing countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran & Iraq). His expertise in the analysis of complex business environments, and his skills in successfully managing projects in new "frontier markets" have given him the ability to support the implementation of industrial and mining projects in countries where the equilibrium is fragile.

Olivier holds an MSc in International Affairs (Faculty of Law & Economics, Grenoble), as well as numerous technical diplomas.
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Having obtained a PhD degree, Philippe Wlodyka, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), began his career in the branch of proccurement of the French Ministry of Defence. This first experience allowed him to assume prematurely important responsibilities, in particular CTO like, management from small to large team and project. If the fuel of this progress was the passion and the commitment for its country, its red line was the Command and Control and Communication (C3) systems used by national and interallied forces, staffs and joint staff (both national and interallied). Philippe Wlodyka was also an expert for the National Network for Software Technologies (RNTL), a member of the scientific council of the NATO C3 Agency, an expert then the Head of delegation in subcommittees of the NATO C3 Board, and of the French-German Committee of the electronics (COMELEC). His last position as CFA assistant in the MoD widened its scope of responsibility to the whole C4ISR concept of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance domain, as well to the NBC.

At the end of 2008, Philippe seized the opportunity to add an experience in production to his career development. Having joined as CIO and assistant director a big Hospital complex near Lille, he totally transformed the information system and launched at the same time the changes which will allow this hospital to face the revolution of the "digital hospital" and of the "patient 2.0".
Since 2011, he is a speaker in various conferences with a personal focus on innovation in Health and on the contribution of information systems to the clinical pathway .

Caroline Frarier, a graduate of ESC Bordeaux, started her career in the American group Estée Lauder. This experience was fundamental to her career, because her passion for the world of luxury resulted in her holding roles in marketing and communication management for various international brands over a period of twenty years.

After her Executive MBA from ESSEC, her interest in for human relations and their implications for company management led her to join an HR consultancy practice, where she is involved in the recruitment of executives, and also in coaching and support. She has taken coaching training at International Mozaïk.

As a networker, Caroline Frarier is a member of the Réseau Grandes Ecoles au féminin (Network of Female Graduates of the Grandes Ecoles), founder of the Club Luxe of the graduates of ESC Bordeaux, and a member of the executive committee of the board of graduates of ESSEC EMBA.
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Martina Pulver is a director of mapConsult SARL in Paris. Since her diploma at ESCP Europe in 1991, and after more than 10 years of experience as a senior project manager with two international consultancy companies, she now works as a consultant and coach all over the world. She is a specialist in intercultural change management, group dynamics, and support of management teams.
She converses and works easily in three languages - English, German, and French, and enjoys the interpretation of different entrepreneurial styles and cultures.
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Since 1993, Karl-Heinz Zönnchen has been a managing partner of the Phönix Security Management agency, which he founded after 18 years of experience in the public service.
His clients are companies, administrative organisations, private individuals, lawyers, and insurance companies. With his teams, he investigates cases of counterfeiting, insurance fraud, financial crime, and proposes ad hoc assessments, with or without the deployment of technical solutions.

His intervention has benefitted banks and insurance companies in information protection assignments implemented with his teams and equipment.
He holds state qualifications in law and criminology.
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Since 1993, Edouard Arakelov has created and developed industrial enterprises in Russia and the Ukraine. He places the experience thus gained at the disposal of his clients, so that they can gain a lasting foothold in these markets.

As a civil engineer with a diploma from the Omsk Military Academy, and the holder of an MBA from ESCP-EAP, Edouard is above all a hands-on man who is at ease in all situations.Email

The lawyer Andreas Albrecht has his chambers in the Stuttgart region and is a permanent legal adviser of an employers’ federation. He studied in Mainz/Germany (Diploma in law & graduate degree in comparative law) and Paris/France (Master in law) with focus on labour law and European law. Andreas was, inter alia, active for the Risk Management department of Iceland’s biggest sea freight carrier in Reykjavik and the Brussels office of the German Employers’ Federations Association.

For many years, he has successfully been advising companies in founding subsidiaries, employing people, and the adaptation of staffing levels in Germany and France. Andreas is an experienced litigator and negotiates in conciliation boards or in rounds of collective bargaining for his clients, too. He is an honorary judge at the Stuttgart labour court, member of the French-German lawyers’ association, and authorised country agent for Iceland in the young lawyers’ panel of the German lawyers’ association.
Andreas is fluent in German, French, and English..
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